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You can now play the popular game of bingo online through a choice of many sites. These sites provide the opportunity to enjoy all the entertainment of bingo without the need for you to leave your home, making it incredibly accessible and convenient. Most sites will offer you the opportunities to play one, three or six cards at a time and may even offer a playing speed, normal or fast. The more cards you play at once, the better the opportunity is for you to win but playing too many cards can be difficult to handle, so sites also offer an 'autodaub' function where the cards are marked for you without you needing to pay attention to every number. This means you'll never miss a number and will always be able to claim your win, even if you're busy with other things like chatting to players. Visit for more information.

On these sites you will be able to choose a room to play in and whilst you are playing, you can chat with the other people that are playing in that room, providing the same social interaction than you would at the local bingo hall. Although the sites will offer some high paying jackpots for winning some of the games, they will also offer cheaper games and some may even offer to let you play games for free.

The phenomena known as bingo originated in Italy as a kind of lotto in 1530; by 1778 it had spread to France and by the 1800s had become a popular pastime throughout Europe. By 1929, Carnival pitchmen had brought the game from Germany to America where beans were used to cover the numbers. At this time, as there were only a limited number of bingo cards available, Professor Carl Leffler of Columbia University was contracted to greatly increase the number of different cards were available and after that, by 1934, bingo was being played in over 10,000 churches and halls throughout the US every week.

The popularity of the game continued to grow and today there are now nearly 1,500,000 different combinations of numbers on cards available to play. The availability to now enjoy the game online is creating an even greater popularity than they had previously enjoyed and many people are signing up to one or other of these online sites. Once you have joined one of these sites and you feel like a change from bingo but are still seeking excitement, most of these sites also offer several slot machines to be played, without the need to leave the site.

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